Uses for stainless steel sheets

Stainless steel sheets are used in all kinds of areas, such as decorating the home, and using in the workplace to create resistant worktops. Some steel plates are also used for personal projects or for covering old, used surfaces and walls. Not only does stainless steel have a brilliant finish, but it also provides a durable surface to work on.

Different types of stainless steel sheets

The main difference in stainless steel sheets is the thickness and finish. Thicker sheets are often used in protective environments. They can be used as door kick plates, workplace surfacing and even on the grills of trucks. Thinner sheets have more flexibility so they can be cut and molded into kitchen surfaces and cooking sheets. Choosing the right finish is about picking the look that is needed, whether this is in a mirrored sheet or a brushed finish. Selecting a good finish is important as this will set the look of the wall or unit that the stainless steel is being mounted on.


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