How stainless steel sheeting can be used in the home

There are a few common uses for stainless steel sheeting that are prevalent in most modern U.S. homes. The first is for worktop plating, where the top of the cutting surface is partially or totally plated with thick stainless steel. Another use is in backsplashes, where the material is used to coat the back wall, catching drips of water and oil that are dispersed during normal kitchen use. There is also the trend of using the metal to cover appliances that may have become unsightly over time.

What to look for in stainless steel sheeting

Stainless steel sheeting is a very popular product, and it helps to know what to look for when buying it so that the best quality material can be sourced. A buyer should seek a metal that is free from rust, as rust can show that the metal is thin or poorly casted. They should also look for one that is not dented and is covered with a protective film for installation.


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