Buying Stainless Steel in a Range of Grades

Stainless steel comes in a whole range of shapes, sizes and thicknesses. When buying stainless steel, it is important to understand what the piece is going to be used for, so that the right thickness can be purchased. Three common grades of the material are 316, used for marine applications, 304, which has supreme corrosion resistance and strength, and 410, is normally used where corrosions is not a problem. Many retailers will sell 304 in many gauges, as this is the grade that is most flexible in its uses.

Get the Benefits of Buying Stainless Steel Online

It is probably easiest these days to buy stainless steel online. This is because the size, shape, gauge and finish can all be seen online and specified when putting through the final order. People who shop online often get the benefits of lower prices and better customer service, which can make all the difference, when trying to acquire the metal for a complex or large-scale application.


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