Stainless steel sheeting in the construction world

There are a few uses for stainless steel sheeting in its raw form, and even more uses for it when it has been molded into something else. Stainless steel is one of the most commonly used materials in the construction world, as it is strong, weatherproof and looks great too. It can be used in the foundations of buildings to strengthen and insulate, or on the outside as protective or even decorative features.

Where stainless steel sheeting is commonly used

A common sight of stainless steel sheeting is on carpool roofs. It can be corrugated for strength, and is often seen in this style as it protects the vehicles underneath from hail and debris damage. It can be used to repair walls, where there might be a crack or hole that is letting in wind and pests, and it can also be used as reinforcement on doors where feet and objects would otherwise leave lasting marks.


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