Three Ways to Highlight Stainless Steel in Your Kitchen

Three Ways to Highlight Stainless Steel in Your Kitchen  

Stainless steel kitchen appliances combine functionality with sleek style. As a focal point in your kitchen, you want to highlight your stainless steel without forcing it to compete with other bold colors and decorations in the room. While stainless steel is timeless and goes with almost any color palette, it can clash with other elements in the room unless you have a solid design balance.

Choose the Right Paint

The most important design tool you can use to ensure your new stainless steel backsplash, counters or refrigerator stand out is to pick a paint color for the walls that will complement, rather than fight with, the cool metallic finish. The only paint color that is guaranteed to go well with every stainless steel style is a shade of white. White paint is clean and neutral, allowing the stainless steel to shine. Other smart paint choices include cool colors such as blues and neutral tones, rather than bold, bright colors.

Use Splashes of Contrast

A kitchen with white walls and cabinets combined with stainless steel is simple and chic, but it can also appear sterile. To fix this, you can highlight your stainless steel kitchen with touches of dark, contrasting features. For example, you can paint the room’s walls and cabinets white, but have black or dark brown cabinet handles and chairs. These touches of dark color will balance out the light in the room and give it a warmer feel.

Stick to One or Two Bold Pieces

Stainless steel is a statement piece. This functional and classic finish is best used in one or two spots in the room, not coated on every surface. Stainless sheets attract the eye, so place them in areas of the room that you want to highlight, such as an island counter or next to a window with a view. If you have stainless steel counters, appliances and a backsplash, the finish will be competing with the other pieces in the room. Instead, pick two spots you want to emphasize and invest in stainless steel versions.


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