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A Rundown of the Different Grades of Stainless Steel

 :: Posted by MelW on 11-28-2013

Before you go shopping for new stainless steel BBQ grills or stainless steel kitchen appliances, it can be highly beneficial to arm yourself with knowledge about the different grades of stainless steel. It’s an unfortunate reality that some manufacturers and pushy salespeople will try to foist off a low quality product as stainless steel, when it really isn’t. Having some background on the subject will help you to pinpoint products that are worth your money and consideration.

The grades of stainless steel are divided into several categories. Series 100-300 is the most common, and represent alloys containing 16% chromium and 6% nickel. This grade is prized for its properties of corrosion resistance, with the 300 series used most often in construction, durable goods, and kitchen appliances. Higher quality stainless steel sheet metal includes the 400 series, which isn’t as corrosion-resistant, but is magnetic, and is often used for surgical instruments and knife blades.

The 600 series of stainless steel has high tensile strength and is relied upon in the aircraft industry. While most of these steels are likely beyond the needs of an individual consumer, it’s still worth noting what they are. When it comes time to purchase that new stainless steel barbeque grill, you’ll probably want something in 304 stainless steel sheet. Coming into a potential transaction with this knowledge of stainless steel, you’ll be better equipped to get the most value for your money.

How to Shop for Stainless Steel Products Online

 :: Posted by MelW on 11-26-2013

How to Shop for Stainless Steel Products Online

The Internet has changed the way that people understand and shop for products. Today, you can do research, comparison shop, and purchase things from the comfort of your living room, office, or even the bathroom. Of course, online shopping doesn’t really replace the old-fashioned method of seeing what you want to buy in person, but, for many items, it gets the job done just fine. When it comes to stainless steel kitchen appliances or stainless steel barbecue grills, it helps to understand the merits of the products you’re considering. That means understanding what grade and level of quality the stainless steel is, as well as the features and benefits of one product over the others that are available.

In reality, there’s a big difference between various stainless steel sheet grades, such as 304 stainless steel sheet and 430 sheet. It’s up to you to decide what properties you need out of your stainless steel product. Many grills are made of 304 steel, because it’s heat resistant and resistant to corrosion — two properties that are very important for protecting your grill during cooking and against the elements. First and foremost, you should get the quality that you’re looking for, and then you can consider shopping for that particular product on price. Alternatively, you could find a respected online brand of stainless steel products that you trust and stick with that company. Whatever method you decide, it’s an exciting time to be in the market for stainless steel products.

Is Stainless Steel the Right Material for Your Cookware?

 :: Posted by MelW on 11-21-2013

While you’re most likely used to seeing stainless steel kitchen appliances in your home, the homes of others, and commercial kitchens, you might not automatically leap to the conclusion that stainless steel sheet is a good choice as a material in your cookware. To answer the question of whether it’s right for your cookware, it helps to take a look back at the kind of materials that comprise most cookware traditionally. The main requirement is that utensils heat evenly and don’t interfere in the taste of the foods being prepared, such as by injecting a metallic taste.

Some of the best cookware combines two metals, rather than just one. That’s why you’ll often find a pan made from stainless steel sheet metal, with a copper base to help conduct the heat. In reality, stainless steel on its own isn’t always the ideal choice for cookware, but when it’s paired with other materials in today’s modern cookware products, it’s a great choice. At the same time, there are 304 stainless steel BBQ grills that are all-stainless steel and serve as some of the best products available for heating up food. As is the case with most products, it’s up to you to do your own experimentation and decide what’s right for you, but on the whole, stainless steel remains a solid choice for your cookware.

The Ascension of Stainless Steel Beyond the Kitchen

 :: Posted by MelW on 11-19-2013

The Ascension of Stainless Steel Beyond the Kitchen

In your home kitchen, you’re almost certain to have some stainless steel kitchen appliances, if not a stainless steel backsplash and other stainless steel décor. This is a good thing, because of its aesthetic value, its resistance to rust, its low maintenance, and more. What you might not know, however, is that stainless steel isn’t strictly relegated to the kitchen, anymore. You could very well start seeing it in other rooms around the house. Whether it’s something that appeals to you or not, it’s still important to understand why stainless steel is making the rounds and remaining such a timeless material.

It could be the furniture that’s stainless steel, such as dining room sets. It could be an entire bathroom that’s remodeled to maintain a consistent style and flow throughout the home, or it might be specific fixtures that become focal points. These might include toilets, sinks, counters, showers, and more. While it’s still rare to find much stainless steel in the bedroom, it has found its way into lamps, bookshelves, nightstands, and, of course, bed frames. The same benefits of stainless steel in the kitchen apply to its presence throughout the house. Specifically, quality stainless steel as a material is going to last a long time, and it’ll be easy to clean and maintain along the way. For a household-wide look that goes beyond just the stainless steel backsplash or stainless steel kitchen appliances, you might consider getting stainless steel for other rooms in your home.

The Benefits of Stainless Steel Napkin Holders

 :: Posted by MelW on 11-14-2013

Home owners and restaurant owners both benefit from adopting stainless steel napkin holders for the table. In general, napkin holders are useful because they weigh down the napkins to keep them from blowing away or getting disorganized, and they also provide a convenient dispenser for people who are seated and eating. If the dining area in question is outside, then it’s particularly important to have a heavy enough napkin holder to avoid the wind blowing napkins all over the place. One way to accomplish this is with the stainless steel napkin holder, which provides a nice balance of weight and form.

Stainless steel napkin holders can come in an array of attractive designs, which is perfect for any environment that aims to impress. The napkin holder is versatile enough to be used for other purposes, as well, such as a mail organizer. Like with a stainless steel barbecue grill, going with stainless steel for a napkin holder is smart because it gives you an attractive item that is durable and long lasting. It’s also easy to maintain and clean, which is a big deal if you have a restaurant full of them. Another nice benefit of stainless steel napkin holders is tying them in with a particular décor or theme, like if you have a stainless steel kitchen to go with them. In the end, from practical uses to cosmetic perks, there’s plenty to like about the stainless steel napkin holder.

Why Go with a Stainless Steel Paperweight?

 :: Posted by MelW on 11-12-2013

Why Go with a Stainless Steel Paperweight?

Historically, paperweights were a great way to hold down papers on a desk, particularly back before air conditioning made it possible to minimize the disorganizing power of cool wind on your papers. Today, the threat of wind or air from a fan still makes paperweights a useful tool to have on hand. The other main reason to buy a paperweight is for aesthetics. There’s a large segment of people who collect paperweights because they are essentially art. If you decide to buy a paperweight for practical or aesthetic reasons, here’s why you should buy stainless steel paperweights, in particular.

The easiest answer for why you should get stainless steel paperweights is that they provide the same benefits you would enjoy for having stainless steel kitchen appliances. In particular, they don’t require much maintenance, they last a very long time, they are easy to clean, and, of course, they look good. Many modern environments that benefit from paperweights, such as commercial kitchens or warehouses, also benefit from having those paperweights made from a material that will hold up in rigorous conditions. Aside from the practical benefits of a paperweight made from stainless steel sheet, it’s also possible to find some breathtakingly gorgeous designs that add some style and elegance to a home or office. For these reasons, and more, it might be worth your while to look into a stainless steel paperweight.

What is Stainless Steel?

 :: Posted by MelW on 11-05-2013

You frequently hear people talking about the different materials that are available for various appliances and surfaces in the home, but have you ever really understood what those materials are and why they have the properties they do? Take stainless steel sheet, for example. Stainless steel is a steel alloy that incorporates chromium to give it the desired properties of resistance to corrosion and resistance to staining. It stands in contrast to typical carbon steel, which is vulnerable to rust with exposure to air and moisture. While stainless steel isn’t completely impervious to damage and stains, it’s about as close as you can get in most residential and commercial situations and far outperforms competing materials.

Once you understand what stainless steel is and what it’s all about, you can better decide if it’s right for you and your home, when compared to other material choices. Obviously, it’s great to have a material that isn’t going to deteriorate from exposure to moisture; something which will be present in and around any stainless steel kitchen appliances or stainless steel BBQ grills. However, it’s also important to note that stainless steel appliances don’t require much in the way of maintenance, either, so you get a long-lasting and durable refrigerator, stove, or BBQ grill that’ll stay bright and shiny for years. As for aesthetics, those are truly a personal preference, but judging by the trend of stainless steel appliances, many people love and appreciate the unique modern style of stainless steel in their homes.