Why Stainless Steel Has Enjoyed So Much Staying Power

If you look back on the past 25 years, it’s pretty clear stainless steel sheet has had a remarkably long run as the material of choice for kitchen appliances. There are some rumors the impressive reign of stainless steel kitchen appliances is coming to an end, as alternate materials like white ice plastic are starting to make some inroads in the kitchen appliances market. Before jumping to any conclusions, however, it’s helpful to look at why stainless steel enjoyed so much staying power over the past quarter century.

To begin with, think about what a homeowner demands from home appliance materials. Some of the most important factors to consider include:

  • Sales price
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Cleaning requirements
  • Durability and lifespan
  • Aesthetics

Prices can be high when you buy stainless steel products. If, though, you consider value for the money, these other factors come to the fore.

Clearly, one of the biggest benefits of stainless steel is its low maintenance. The fact is that having a resistance to corrosion and other elements means stainless steel rarely sustains serious damage. The same cannot be said of competing materials like wood, plastic and other metals. In addition, stainless steel is easy to keep clean, as implied by the “stainless” in its name. These two factors provide plenty of incentive to go with stainless steel kitchen appliances.

There’s more to it than just these factors, however. Stainless steel has a lifespan of multiple decades, which means you won’t replace your appliances due to poor quality material. Aesthetically, it has a universal appeal that works well in a wide range of kitchen décor schemes.


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