Order Custom Stainless Pieces

Whether you need custom hooks, cogs, plates, or other custom stainless steel pieces, we have the technology to transform the stainless steel sheet you purchase into the parts and pieces you are looking for.

We do this with the use of a laser cutter, which we have been doing for a long time. Through years of practice, and the addition of the most modern pieces of equipment and technology, Starland Metal experts are able to cut your pieces to the exact precision that you need.

There are several ways to get started once you order the stainless steel sheet metal:

  1. You can send us a rough sketch, and we will produce a precise drawing for you.
  2. You can provide DXF or drawings of your own if they are already produced.
  3. We can help you figure out exactly what you need if you aren’t sure of the shape or specifications you are looking for.

Once this is done and a drawing has been obtained, we will offer a fast, same-day quote on the custom job. We ship your parts through UPS and truck freight shipping once they are finished and you have the parts you need.

Our facilities have large capabilities, including maximum workspace weight of 2770 pounds and large sheet cutting size up to 160” by 80”. We can cut through stainless steel measuring in width up to .750”; mild steel measuring in width of up to one inch; and aluminum measuring in width up to half an inch.


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