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The Top Reasons to Buy Stainless Steel Cookware

 :: Posted by MelW on 06-26-2014

If you have a kitchen with many stainless steel appliances, or stainless countertops or a backsplash, there are even more ways that you can take advantage of stainless steel’s beneficial properties by making the choice to buy stainless steel cookware for your kitchen. Many professional chefs use strictly stainless when they are cooking, because of its many advantages; it is easy to see why.

1)      Good return on investment – Stainless cookware is a moderate investment, meaning that there are other materials above and below its price point. The advantage it has over the other materials is its durability and strength. It can last under extreme temperatures without wear and tear, and it will not cause a chemical reaction with the food that you are cooking, giving you plenty of life out of your investment.

2)      Minimal maintenance – Cleaning is typically a breeze with stainless cookware. Soap and water are usually all that is required, except in the event of an overcooked meal that might require a little more elbow grease, but this will not damage your cookware.

3)      A non-porous surface – Stainless steel is non-porous surface, which means that residue will not leak into the pots and pans, putting your food at risk for cross contamination or the spread of germs. This also eliminates the risk of absorption of odors of the foods that you cook, which ensures that all food that you cook in these pots and pans will taste as they are meant to taste.

4)      Long lasting beauty – Whether you like to display your pots and pans, or you store them in a cabinet, no one wants rusty, old-looking pots and pans. Stainless steel pots and pans will keep their beauty for many years to come.

When you are ready for new cookware, do not underestimate the benefits of making the decision to buy stainless steel cookware. Its price, its little-required maintenance, its hygienic properties, and its aesthetic appeal are all great reasons to incorporate stainless steel cookware into your kitchen.

The Many Ways to Use Stainless Steel in the Kitchen

 :: Posted by MelW on 06-23-2014

Stainless steel in the kitchen has become very trendy in recent years, and it can range from a full stainless kitchen to simple details or accessories that give a kitchen a modern flair. Stainless steel is popular in kitchens for a variety of reasons, including its beauty and durability.

  • Kitchen cabinets – As stainless steel becomes more popular in kitchens everywhere, stainless cabinets are starting to make their way into the spectrum. These cabinets are trendy, durable, and easy to clean, all of which are attributes that most homeowners look for in their kitchens.
  • Backsplash – A stainless steel kitchen backsplash is a great way to give your kitchen the style that you want while protecting its durability and required level of maintenance. Stainless steel can be used to mimic almost any style, making it easy to incorporate in any kitchen.
  • Kitchen counters – The most upscale restaurants in your town most likely have stainless steel countertops. They provide incredible shine and promote a clean appearance. In addition, they are able to withstand many hours of cooking, as occurs in your favorite restaurant. If you are an avid cook who requires durability and beauty, then consider stainless countertops in your own kitchen.
  • Napkin holders – If you are not ready to embrace the stainless trend in your kitchen, start with small accessories, such as decorative stainless steel napkin holders. Little accessories placed strategically throughout the kitchen can give it the modern vibe that you desire, without making any drastic changes.

Stainless steel in the kitchen is one of the wisest decisions you can make. It is an investment that will stand the test of time and give you the best return on your money.

The Benefits of a Stainless Steel Grill

 :: Posted by MelW on 06-19-2014

A stainless steel grill is not only aesthetically pleasing on your patio, it also has many other benefits, including providing good tasting food, possessing the ability to withstand harsh weather, and only requiring simple cleaning procedures. The type of grill that you purchase can have a large impact on how your food turns out for a large get-together, as well as how much use you are able to get out of it in the long run. Understanding the benefits of a stainless grill can help you make the right decision.

1)      Foods keep their natural flavor – If you have ever eaten food at a barbecue that you felt tasted unlike a BBQ, or that simply had an odd taste, chances are it was cooked on a cast iron grill. The metal of a cast iron grill absorbs the flavors of the foods cooked on it and then transfers it over to foods that you cook the next time. Stainless steel bbq grills do not absorb a food’s flavors, nor does the metal seep into your food.

2)      Weather resistant – Most barbecue grills are left outside in the various elements of Mother Nature. Stainless steel has the benefit of being able to handle those elements without suffering corrosion or requiring premature replacement of your grill.

3)      Easy to clean – Who doesn’t love a cooking apparatus that is easy to clean? Stainless steel is among the easiest to clean, and the type that can also withstand numerous cleanings without being worn down prematurely.

There are many barbecue grills on the market, but the stainless steel barbecue grills have stood the test of time, giving homeowners a delicious meal that could not be replicated with any other cooking apparatus.

Stainless Steel Catering Equipment

 :: Posted by MelW on 06-17-2014

The newest trend in catering and the rest of the food and beverage industry is stainless steel kitchen catering equipment, as an increasing number of hotels, restaurants, cafes, and other food service companies are installing and using stainless. This equipment includes stainless steel napkin holders, dishes, utensils, coffee machines, and other items.

As long as stainless is properly maintained, it lasts for years. It is usually scratch and dent resistant, and is designed and coated to last for years. Even when used on a daily basis, it maintains its shiny, upscale look, and the corrosion and rust resistant properties of stainless steel sheets protect your equipment for much longer than other materials would last.

Perhaps the main reason for this popularity, beyond the aesthetic, is the cleanliness of stainless steel. This metal is much more hygienic than other metals because of its smooth surface. Since it isn’t porous, it doesn’t provide bacteria or other germs a place to catch and grow, and simple cleaners will remove all residue and contamination.

Furthermore, stainless is remarkably lightweight and, thus, easy to move around and lift for serving and cleaning. Since it is heat resistant, it won’t feel hot if servers are carrying or serving hot food from stainless serving dishes. Many stainless pots and pans are coated with copper on the bottom to make them conduct heat better.

All stainless steel kitchen items should be cleaned with light sponges, not abrasive scourers, which can remove the finish on the steel. Hot, soapy water and rinsing is all that is necessary.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets Trending

 :: Posted by MelW on 06-12-2014

The biggest trend in kitchen décor, and one that has been on the rise for years, is stainless steel kitchen cabinetry. While they have been around for decades, they were confined to restaurant and industrial kitchens for a majority of those years.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider these cabinets for your kitchen:

  1. Uniformity: Investing in stainless steel cabinets that match your stainless steel refrigerator, microwave, and stove gives your kitchen a more uniform look that many people find attractive. It also gives your home a feeling of modern elegance that many designers are now striving to achieve.
  2. Cleanliness: Stainless is one of the easiest substances to maintain and clean. Since they aren’t porous, and resist corrosion and other kinds of damage, a simple cleaner and cloth will remove all germs on your kitchen surfaces. This is also another reason why stainless steel sheet metal is used as backsplashes and people are moving towards stainless steel grills.
  3. Long-Lasting: This type of steel doesn’t warp, stain, or attract pests and bugs, like termites, putting it leaps and bounds ahead of wooden cabinets. It is also much more resistant to dings and damage than wood and other common kitchen cabinet substances.

For a look that is truly modern and that will last for years to come, opt for stainless steel. It is clean, durable, and uniform, and will give you a kitchen where you will love to spend your time. For all of your cooking needs, trust stainless.

Possible Alternatives to Grade 304 Stainless

 :: Posted by MelW on 06-10-2014

Grade 304 Stainless Steel is the most widely used grade of stainless, and is a favorite of stainless steel fabricators due to its heat and corrosion resistant properties, weld-ability and machinability. This grade is a favorite of architects, transportation specialists, and industrial personnel, but there are still viable opportunities that may be preferred for some applications.

Here are some of the main possible alternative grades of stainless steel:

  1. 301L: This is a higher work hardening rate grade, and is a must for certain roll formed and stretch formed components of stainless steel. This steel is preferred to Grade 304 steel under these conditions.
  2. 302HQ: Unlike the previous metal, this grade is has a lower work hardening rate than Grade 304. This is needed for cold forging of bolts, screws, and rivets.
  3. 303: Grade 303 has higher machinability than Grade 304 stainless, and has lower corrosion resistance, formability, and weld-ability. These weaknesses are acceptable in applications where machinability is necessary.
  4. 316: This metal has a higher resistance to crevice corrosion and pitting, and is needed in chloride environments.
  5. 321: This stainless has better resistance to temperatures between 600 and 900 degrees Celsius, and has higher hot strength than grade 304 stainless steel.
  6. 3CR12: This stainless is preferred when lower cost stainless steel sheet metal is required. It should be noted that this steel has reduced corrosion resistance, and discoloration may occur.
  7. 430: This is another low-cost alternative, and has lower corrosion resistance and fabrication characteristics than Grade 304 stainless steel sheets.

Stainless Steel 304

 :: Posted by MelW on 06-05-2014

Grade 304 stainless steel is the standard “18/8” stainless, and is the most widely used and versatile grade of stainless steel available. This grade is widely available in the broadest range of products, finishes, and forms than any other grade, and has very good welding and forming characteristics.

This grade is dominant in the manufacture of drawn stainless steel part and products, like hollow-ware, saucepans, and sinks, and is easier for stainless steel fabricators to work with. It can be readily break or roll formed into many different components for applications in transportation, architectural, and industrial fields.

Consumers can also order Grade 304L stainless steel sheet metal, which is the low carbon version of 304, and does not require post-weld annealing. This is extensively used in heavy gauge components that are over 6 mm. Grade 304H is higher in carbon content, and can find applications at higher temperatures. This particular grade has superior toughness to other grades.

Grade 304 has excellent corrosion resistance, and is heat-resistant up to very high Celsius temperatures. It also has great weld-ability, and can be machined relatively easily. An improved machinability version is also available in bar products.

Customers looking for stainless steel sheets should consider all comparable grads before making their selection. Different grades are ideal for different purposes, and while grade 304 is great for many different applications, and is durable and versatile, other grades may be optimal for certain applications.

If you want an expert opinion when making your decision, call 507-834-6915, extension 523, to speak to a Starland Metals representative.

Benefits of Using Stainless for Industrial Countertops

 :: Posted by MelW on 06-03-2014

Stainless steel sheets have a variety of industrial uses, including stainless steel kitchen applications. Since stainless resists corrosion and other types of damage and is easy to keep clean, it is an excellent choice for areas of food or medical supply preparation.

Here are some of the benefits of using stainless steel for your industrial countertops:

  • The cost of stainless steel sheet metal is relatively low, considering the years of use you will get out of your countertops. This means that, once purchased, you should not need to purchase new countertops or spend a large amount of money repairing your countertops. Stainless steel is known for its durability, meaning it is perfect for standing up to the moisture, food germs, and heat of your kitchen.
  • Since stainless is a non-porous surface, it is perfect to use for food preparation. It doesn’t have places to hide contamination, thus hindering the growth of viruses and bacteria in your kitchen. It can also be wiped down quickly with a simple cleaner and cloth.
  • Since stainless is heat-resistant, it will not melt or stain if you place hot pans or other extremely hot items on your countertops. They will also not melt under normal industrial oven and stove temperatures, making them the ideal choice.
  • Stainless has a modern, clean aesthetic that will make your kitchen look fashionable and new. This means it not only looks good on a daily basis, but will look great if it should be photographed. This can also be a big selling point in hiring new employees or attracting investors.