Stainless Steel Catering Equipment

The newest trend in catering and the rest of the food and beverage industry is stainless steel kitchen catering equipment, as an increasing number of hotels, restaurants, cafes, and other food service companies are installing and using stainless. This equipment includes stainless steel napkin holders, dishes, utensils, coffee machines, and other items.

As long as stainless is properly maintained, it lasts for years. It is usually scratch and dent resistant, and is designed and coated to last for years. Even when used on a daily basis, it maintains its shiny, upscale look, and the corrosion and rust resistant properties of stainless steel sheets protect your equipment for much longer than other materials would last.

Perhaps the main reason for this popularity, beyond the aesthetic, is the cleanliness of stainless steel. This metal is much more hygienic than other metals because of its smooth surface. Since it isn’t porous, it doesn’t provide bacteria or other germs a place to catch and grow, and simple cleaners will remove all residue and contamination.

Furthermore, stainless is remarkably lightweight and, thus, easy to move around and lift for serving and cleaning. Since it is heat resistant, it won’t feel hot if servers are carrying or serving hot food from stainless serving dishes. Many stainless pots and pans are coated with copper on the bottom to make them conduct heat better.

All stainless steel kitchen items should be cleaned with light sponges, not abrasive scourers, which can remove the finish on the steel. Hot, soapy water and rinsing is all that is necessary.


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