Stainless Steel and Its Green Properties

Environmental impact is on everyone’s mind today, especially when it comes to furnishing their home. How do you find the right appliances that are friendly to the environment? One place to start is with stainless steel sheet appliances, as stainless is considered to be a green product for many reasons, including it:

  • Uses recycled materials – A major component to determining whether a product is considered green or not is the impact that it has on the environment during its production. Stainless steel often uses scrap materials, sometimes using as much as 100 percent recycled material, but the average is around 60 percent. This means that fewer resources are taken from the earth to create it.
  • Is durable – Stainless steel is very durable, meaning that it will last for many years. This contributes to its environmental friendliness, as it requires a decreased need to mine for materials to create new products.
  • Is non-reactive – Stainless steel does not react to oxygen or water, which means that it will not easily corrode. This aids in the durability of the product, as well as helps to keep humans healthy by reducing the risk of consuming harmful by-products of corrosion that other metals could cause.

The use of stainless steel around your home can greatly decrease your carbon footprint on the environment. When you choose a stainless steel kitchen, you are not only helping the environment of your home, but the environment everywhere, as fewer new materials are needed to create your products, and they will effectively last in your home for many years, enabling you to decrease your future carbon footprint, as well.


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