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Why Buy Galvanized Steel Cabinets?

 :: Posted by MelW on 05-08-2014

Galvanized steel is one of the best materials for storage cabinets, and it protects the contents and lasts longer than many other types of metals for a much lower initial cost. Here are some of the main benefits to purchasing galvanized steel cabinets or stainless steel industrial cabinets:

  1. Galvanized steel has one of the lowest starting costs of any type of finished metal. Stainless steel is close behind. Both also have incredibly long life spans and, as a result, have a lower long term cost. Less maintenance means less money spent, but also less possibility for damaging your stainless sheet cabinet or galvanized steel cabinet, as maintenance also often causes damage.
  2. Galvanizing the steel creates one of the toughest coatings, and has a unique metallurgical structure that gives this steel unparalleled resistance to mechanical damage throughout transportation, setup, and years of use.
  3. Unlike with organic coatings, galvanized coatings protect small areas of exposed steel and prevent corrosion for many years without needing touching up. The same can’t be said for organic coatings.
  4. Galvanized coatings are easy to inspect simply by looking over the steel. You can easily see if there are exposed steel parts on your cabinet. If your cabinet’s coating appears to be continuous, then it is. This makes maintenance even easier, no matter how long you use your industrial cabinet.
  5. These cabinets are faster to set up, since the coated steel arrives ready to assemble. There is no coating or touching up that needs to be done on site.

Whether you end up choosing galvanized or stainless steel sheet cabinets, you are definitely making a wise and economic decision.

Kitchen Applications for Stainless Steel

 :: Posted by MelW on 05-06-2014

One of the most popular places to use stainless steel is the kitchen. This is because stainless doesn’t corrode or rust; it is impervious to fire, heat, and moisture; it has an incredibly long lifespan; it is malleable; and it is naturally clean and easy to keep clean. What better surface is there to use when preparing and handling food?

Here are some of the most common applications for stainless steel in the kitchen:

  • Stainless Steel Counter Tops: Stainless steel countertops are easy to manufacture, relatively inexpensive, and last for years without sustaining damage. They are also incredibly easy to clean and don’t contaminate food with residue or other flavors.
  • Stainless Steel Plates: These plates don’t add flavors or other contaminants to food, and help keep food warm or cold, depending on its original temperature.
  • Stainless Steel Cups: Stainless steel doesn’t contaminate beverages with other flavors since it doesn’t absorb flavors, and it also helps insulate beverages and keeps them cold longer than glass or ceramic.
  • Stainless Steel Cookie Cutters: This metal makes good cookie cutters, because it won’t rust or corrode when it comes into repeated contact with grease and water.
  • Stainless Steel Backsplash: Stainless steel tiles and sheets make for the perfect backsplash. They are durable, long lasting, and clean. They also have an ultra-modern, chic look, and make your kitchen look fresh and up to date. You can find either in frosted, matte, or standard shiny to give your kitchen the look you want.

Benefits of Stainless Steel: Part I

 :: Posted by MelW on 04-17-2014

The use of stainless steel has been expanded in recent years. It is now used to create industry parts, appliances, countertops, cups, plates, and much more, and its many beneficial qualities make it one of the strongest, most affordable, and reliable substances on the market.

Let’s start by defining Stainless Steel.

  • Stainless steel is low carbon steel that has high chromium content. The chromium content makes the metal uniquely resistant to corrosion by allowing for a chromium-rich oxide film to form on the surface of the metal. As long as the steel is kept in an oxygenized environment, it will heal itself should the surface be mechanically or chemically damaged.

These unique qualities make stainless steal one of the leading choices for material in many different applications, including architecture, design, manufacturing, and more. Given its high lifetime, stainless steel objects are seen as high cost products.

Many grades used in stainless steel sheets also have chromium and nickel alloys, making them heat and fire resistant. This makes them perfect for grills, as stainless steel grills won’t be damaged by high temperatures. They also have a clean cut, attractive aesthetic which makes them desirable.

When choosing stainless steel sheet metal, you need to consider the grade, as there are more than 80 currently in use. Common grades are 304 and 316, both of which are iron alloys with chromium and nickel. There is slightly more nickel in 316, making it more fire resistant. 316 also contains Molybdenum, which further improves the corrosion resistance of the metal. For these reasons, 304 is recommended for indoor use, while 316 is recommended for outdoor use.

Why Go with Stainless Steel Napkin Holders?

 :: Posted by MelW on 03-18-2014

Napkins are great to have on hand for easy access, and if you’re going to have them nearby, you might as well make it happen with a touch of elegance and style. That’s what stainless steel napkin holders are for. The fact is, napkin holders offer a great combination of functionality and aesthetics, making them a wonderful addition to any dining room or kitchen. They’re especially useful in outdoor dining areas as a way to keep napkins from blowing around.

Of course, just because napkin holders are great, this doesn’t automatically mean that stainless steel is the way to go. What makes a stainless steel napkin holder preferable to the wide variety of other materials you could have for your napkin holder? For one thing, it can handle outdoor environments better than other materials, such as plastic, wood or other metals. Stainless steel sheet metal can shrug off the effects of elements like sun, wind, rain and dirt.

Even if you only use the stainless steel napkin holders indoors, there’s plenty to appreciate there as well. Because they’re stainless, you won’t have to constantly clean them or work hard to maintain them. They also last for decades with little to no degrading. You can pick a theme or image for your napkin holders that ties into the rest of your décor. In the end, the stainless steel napkin holder offers you an impressive combination of style, function and durability.

Why Your Coat Rack Should Be Stainless Steel

 :: Posted by MelW on 02-04-2014

Why Your Coat Rack Should Be Stainless Steel

Coat racks are a great feature for any home. They fulfill a useful function by making it possible to hang up your own outerwear after you come home from work, as well as providing a place to hang up coats when you have guests over. However, they aren’t just handy as a place to put clothing items like hats, jackets and sweaters. Coat racks can also provide aesthetic value for your home, lending your entryway or mudroom greater elegance and style. It’s not just how the coat rack looks, but also the fact that simply having a coat rack can keep the area tidier. If your home doesn’t already have a coat rack, and you’ve decided it would be a great accessory to have, then your best bet is probably to go with a stainless steel coat rack.

Why would you want to use stainless steel coat racks in particular? First and foremost, you can count on stainless steel sheet metal to be a durable material for your rack. Even if you pile on some very heavy jackets, you can be confident that the racks won’t break or snap. It’s also going to maintain an attractive appearance, which isn’t automatically the case if you get coat racks in wood or plastic or another material. The fact is, stainless steel can withstand dirt, mud, sweat and grime without staining, so it’ll look nice for decades. Plus, if you ever did get it dirty, it’s a breeze to clean. In the end, coat racks are a convenient way to give yourself a place to store your outerwear, and stainless steel sheet is the way to go if you want your coat rack to be both attractive and long-lasting.

Industrial Stainless Steel Tool Cabinets for Your Home and Work

 :: Posted by MelW on 01-14-2014

Industrial Stainless Steel Tool Cabinets for Your Home and Work

When you need a tool cabinet either in your garage at home, or at work, you want something that will withstand years of use, as well as dirt, grease, and maybe even a dent or two.  Ordinary wood cabinets are no good in garages used for home tools or work tools. For one, they can potentially be exposed to weather if your garage isn’t always airtight or covered, and this can lead to mold or just make the wood unstable.

If you don’t want to replace your wooden tool cabinets after a year or so, you need something more durable. You can go with lesser metals and that may last you for a few more years. However, other metals are not as strong as stainless steel and are more prone to becoming dented, bent, or corroded.

To really protect your tools and provide a strong shelter for your garages, you need an industrial strength stainless steel tool cabinet. Not only are stainless steel cabinets easy to clean and maintain, they will also last years longer than wood or other inferior metals. They won’t dent as easily, unless you back a truck over them, and they also resist corrosion.

With Starland Metals, we take it one step further and customize your tool cabinet to fit your workplace. All of our stainless steel cabinets are industrial strength and don’t have exposed nuts or bolts. Also, each shelf can withstand up to 300 lbs. of weight. If you need something strong to protect your tools and store a wide variety of shop accessories, then you need Starland Metal’s industrial stainless steel tool cabinets.

Stainless Steel Sheet Metal With Various Finishes

 :: Posted by MelW on 11-27-2012

At Starland Metals, you can choose from several different types of stainless steel sheet metal to fit your needs. This includes mild steel, galvanized steel and brushed finishes. The reason why we do this is because we want all of our customers to feel satisfied with every purchase. When a company limits their stock, then customers tend to settle for the next best thing. Since we provide a large variety of stainless steel products at Starland Metals, we know our customers are going to be pleased with their selection.

Consult With Starland Metals To Learn More About Stainless Steel Sheet Metal In Stock

The best way to find the type of stainless steel sheet metal that will fit your needs is by contacting a representative. Let us know what you’re going to be doing with the stainless steel you plan on purchasing and we can help you figure out what is right for you. One call can point you in the right direction.