Buying Stainless Steel Replacement Parts and Accessories

Buying Stainless Steel Replacement Parts and Accessories

Stainless steel kitchens and appliances have become rapidly popular over the last decade. Compared to other materials, like tile and laminate, stainless steel is stain resistant, scratch resistant, and easy to clean. Though your appliances and kitchen accessories won’t wear out quickly, with consistent daily use your parts may eventually need to be replaced.

Buying stainless steel replacements is much simpler than replacing tile and laminate, because you don’t have to match colors and textures. Purchasing new knobs and starters for your stainless steel grill is easy and inexpensive, with Starland Metals. All our grill replacement parts are easy to install and you can order them online.

In addition to BBQ replacement parts, you can also replace other worn out accessories, like wall mounted coat hangers, which are also useful for hanging pots and pans. If you already have a stainless steel kitchen, but haven’t invested in a backsplash, we provide free custom cutting so that a backsplash fits snuggly into any kitchen. Backsplashes start as low as $20 and help with splashing problems, even for kitchens that aren’t outfitted with stainless steel.

You can customize your accessories with Starland Metals. Simply send us a drawing or sketch of the items you want us to fabricate from stainless steel, and we’ll send you a quote the same day. Our only condition is that work pieces can’t be over 2770 lbs. Other than that, anything you want to fabricate from stainless steel for your kitchen, garage, or workplace is possible with Starland Metals.


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